by Ducky Boys



One more for the money lenders, now
One more for the king
I say one for the war machine
And that leaves one more for me
Don’t fall apart
No crumbling hearts
No failing institutions
Thy will be done
It’s no worse than
what any one of you did

Each generation knows the end is near
But each one still sees their kids grow old
You’re working through a world that’s forgotten wrong and right
Be not afraid, you’re not alone

When we were seventeen our hearts were made of gold
Saw how the world erodes but that seemed so far from home
Give up the ghost once you’re almost done paying restitutions
To those who govern us
Those who’ve forgotten us

If all those sirens keep you up at night
Know we still have so much to learn
If you could just get back that job you lost last night
If it’s like you against the world
Just remember right here, you’re home
Right here, you’re not alone


released January 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Ducky Boys Boston, Massachusetts

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